This site is dedicated to the memory of Loredana Ghislandi.

To my mum who have died too soon of lung cancer.

Mum was healthy, did not smoke, drunk very little and ate all the right things ... and yet she became a victim of lung cancer and died in just a few months.

We made much progress in curing many types of cancers, but lung cancer is not one of them. In the last 30 years life expectancy has improved minimally.

Mum spent 8 months doing chemotherapy for the lungs and radiotherapy for her brain. My vital, young looking and loving mother kept on battling, but the disease just transformed her.

She was 71, too young these days to leave life. Of course she lived long enough to have accomplished much, but for me it will always be too short.

I will try my best to help fighting this horrible diseases - as I hope one day no other person would have to go through it.

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